Infinity Partnership Brings Smiles To Children’s Faces With Nursery Garden Gift

Children from local charity Aberdeen Lads Club are now able to play outside in all weathers, following a generous gift from Infinity Partnership. 

Infinity’s £7,500 donation has contributed to the Lads Club new artificial grass throughout its pre-school nursery outdoor space, enabling its youngsters to play, run and explore, safely. 

The donation coincided with a major renovation project, which saw the Lads Club’s Tillydrone facility undergo significant modernisation. 

Angie Johnston, manager at Aberdeen Lads Club said: “Outdoor play is so important for children, as it not only helps with their overall physical development and wellbeing, but also lets them build essential life skills, such as problem-solving, teamwork and risk management. 

“It also means that they get plenty of natural light and fresh air, which as we all know helps them sleep better at night and in turn can improve their concentration levels. 

“Plus playing outside is great fun and gives the youngsters the opportunity to explore and learn in a way that’s different to their indoor environment.” 

Simon Cowie, managing director at Infinity Partnership said: “Aberdeen Lads Club is such a fantastic organisation, providing vital services for families in Tillydrone and beyond. 

“We were aware that the charity’s Dill Road building had recently benefited from a significant upgrade, and so wanted to do something for the children that would enhance their nursery experience. 

“The weather in the North-east of Scotland isn’t always the kindest and we know how quickly real grass can turn into a bit of a muddy mess. We therefore wanted to provide funds for the artificial grass so that the nursery kids can play outside throughout the year. 

“We also wanted to provide the Lads Club team with something that required much less maintenance, making life so much easier.” 

As well as its pre-school nursery, Aberdeen Lads Club runs an after-school club, junior and senior youth clubs, and a number of holiday clubs. It also offers a range of family support initiatives. 

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