Infinity Partnership joins forces with AutoEntry


Infinity Partnership is excited to announce a partnership with AutoEntry, providers of market-leading accounts automation software.


AutoEntry makes working life easier by automating data entry, including receipts, invoices and bank statements.


In addition, the use of AutoEntry will free up time for Infinity staff to provide enhanced customer support and business advisory services to clients.

Who are AutoEntry?

AutoEntry was founded in Dublin in 2013 with the purpose of making data entry easier. Since then, it has refined and improved its product, grown its user base and now, over 250,000 businesses use AutoEntry.

AutoEntry automates data entry, making for a faster, more accurate and cloud-based experience. Millions of receipts, invoices and bank statements are processed every month by businesses and accountants worldwide.


With AutoEntry, a business can…

Scan, email and upload receipts, invoices and bank statements instead of doing it manually

Move their entire company’s bookkeeping to digital and be MTD compliant 
Spend less time on data entry, and more time on their business 

AutoEntry is seamlessly compatible with just about every accounting software.



What does the Infinity Partnership / AutoEntry Partner programme mean? 

Clients of Infinity Partnership can enjoy AutoEntry for 50% for their first 6 months of using the software.

They will also enjoy comprehensive onboarding and, with Infinity Partnership, an accountancy practice that fully understands the benefits and applications of AutoEntry.


Simon Cowie, Managing Partner at Infinity Partnership, said: “We’re delighted to partner with AutoEntry. It’s a user-friendly, time-saving and greatly beneficial product for any business. They have been a huge help in onboarding new users. It’s very much a win-win for both companies as we look to add value and continually improve our offering to clients.”


Val O’Sullivan, VP of Product for AutoEntry, said: “It’s always gratifying to get an endorsement from a firm as reputable as Infinity Partnership. We look forward to seeing many businesses enjoy the benefits of using AutoEntry to make accounting and data entry smoother and easier.” 


How do I get started?

If you’re a business owner and would like to know more about getting started with AutoEntry, get in touch, or contact Greg Houston, Associate Director at Infinity Partnership: or 01224 618467